Sleekgeek officially “Partners in Fitness” to Reebok SA

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Hi Sleeks,

I am very excited to announce Sleekgeek’s official partnership with Reebok South Africa.

Reebok have recognised the value in the Sleekgeek community and come on board to help grow the community so that we can jointly help more people find a life of health and fitness.

Reebok is very proud to be a partner of the Sleekgeek community. Reebok and Sleekgeek have the same passion for fitness and dedication to improving people’s lives. Our mission is to make people fit for life.”

The goal is to motivate and reward Sleekgeek people and assist them on their journey to fitness.

To celebrate the new partnership Reebok has kindly offered the community the following:

  1. All signed up Challengers in the 2013 Comeback Kid will receive R500 off any pair of Zigtech and RealFlex which usually retails for R999…And you get free delivery nogal.
  2. All Sleekgeeks will receive 20% of all products in the Reebok Online store at

[Full details for these promotions at the bottom of this page]

Reebok are also the official sponsors of Crossfit “The sport of fitness” which is my personal sport of choice and what I believed was one of the key factors that changed my life.

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I believe the match with Reebok is harmonious since Sleekgeek is about community and Crossfit which Reebok support is about exactly that.

We share the same values and goals.

Though I never push anyone towards Crossfit, since these are personal choices,  the principles of Crossfit are the ones I live by and the foundation on which I have built the Sleekgeek community:

  • Competing against and improving yourself above all else
  • Working as a team with others in the community to achieve your goals
  • Enjoying the journey as much as the destination
  • Celebrating every victory along the way
  • Pushing yourself to achieve things you never thought you could
  • Learning new skills
  • Working on weaknesses rather than only strengths
  • Making health and fitness your lifestyle
  • All athletes have the same respect and value, we just at different parts on our journey
  • The only failure is to give up
  • Fitness is FUN!
  • We need to play more


I look forward to a strong partnership with Reebok,

They are supporting us so please support them where you can.

It is inspiring that big name brands see value in this beautiful community.

Eat clean, train dirty!




Reebok community offers



You will receive YOUR voucher code when you have entered and paid your entry fee to the Comeback Kid Challenge 2013.

You are free to use this voucher as you wish.  Pass on the discount to your family, friends as a gift if you don’t need.

Note that this offer expires 24 April 2013 and may only be used on the ONLINE STORE,



Sleekgeek Zig and Flex-update


PLUS you get 20% off everything!

and that is not all…. In addition to that there is also 20% of ANYTHING in the online store at …

All you have to do to earn your 20% is quote the voucher code “SleekgeekLOVE” … naturally!




Reebok promotion rules

  • Products will only be delivered locally in SA
  • Shoe vouchers must be used by May 1 2013
  • Colour and style subject to availability
  • This voucher entitles you to discount on a SINGLE pair of shoes but is transferable to another person
  • Both and all Sleekgeek Reebok offer apply ONLY to the online store and NOT physical stores



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