Nicola Oliff – My friends say I am a new person [Testimonial]


I can not begin to tell you how much I’ve changed in 8 weeks.

My best friend who hadn’t seen me throughout the challenge commented on Saturday that I look like a new person, not only have I lost massive amounts of weight but I’m also holding myself differently.

My posture has changed. I’m prouder of what I look like and happily bouncing around. I aimed to lose between 8 or 10 kgs but with the massive amount of exercise I was doing it wasn’t possible – I lost 7.2 in 8 weeks which I am very happy with.


I managed to lose so many cms and my clothes are falling off. The Sleek Geek group has been an inspiration and it’s been so awesome to talk to people that are on the same journey and understand.

And there’s no greater inspiration than a deadline 🙂

So I finished the challenge with only one regret – that the challenge is over.

But I’m continuing my weight loss journey without the challenge and looking forward to next years challenge where I plan on joining the Transformation Category because I’ll be too thin for the weight loss one (My absolute dream)


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