Natasha Marot, “Fittest I’ve ever been” [Testimonial]


Entering the transformation category of the Summer Challenge transformed more than the way I look and feel about myself; it changed the way I think as well.

Starting the challenge was easy. It is easy to notice your downfalls in eating, and I was excited to get into some serious training, especially considering that my husband was training for half iron man at the time. I was looking forward to challenging myself physically, and liked the discipline that it forced me to have in my eating. I am a generally healthy eater, but I tend to snack throughout the day, out of habit, or boredom…


Measuring myself at 4 weeks was a mind-blowing confidence boost; I had lost 21cm around my body! I was so happy, that I danced around all day! This proved that hard work and sacrifice paid off! From that mark I decided to take it up a notch and cut out everything bad! No wine, or drinks, no dark chocolate, nothing. (Previously I was allowing myself one small treat a week). This was probably my worst move; I started to think about all the things I wasn’t allowed, I was bored, and starting to get tetchy. At 5 and half weeks I hit a wall, and caved / binged. This made me realise that I was being unrealistic, and that I enjoy a small treat every now and then, and I should let myself have that. I did’t give up though, and kept on going, knowing that I only had a few weeks left. I was a bit disappointed that I only lost a few more cm, 26cm in the total challenge, as I had expected to lose more over the last 4 weeks, but when I compared my photos, I was chuffed!

Picture 423

I am really happy to have done the challenge. Coming in the top 5 showed me that it was worth it, and getting comments from friends and family was awesome. Having a good support base makes a massive difference, and my husband was amazing! We were both training and really enjoyed the time spent getting fit and changing our mind sets. Also, having a gym buddy like I do in Robs, makes a massive difference, and we’re still going strong and trying to challenge ourselves more each week.

I must admit that I seemed to develop a sweet tooth after sleek geek, and that I have had to work hard to get that in check. It’s also been interesting to see how quickly my body has started to go backwards after the December holidays, but knowing how much I changed in 8 weeks gives me confidence that I can only get better from now on. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, and am setting some serious goals now. Finances allowing, I’d like to do half iron man next year. Thank you Sleekgeek for helping me to believe in myself, and to achieve my goals. The community is awesome, and I’m proud to be part of it!

  • Natasha is 25, lives in Johannesburg and works as a Media and PR Consultant


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