Jenna discovers life is more fun when moving! [Testimonial]

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Picture 421Hi Sleekgeekers!

I loathed the gym the way you loathe Monday morning traffic, traffic fines and Crocs. Nothing entered my mouth that wasn’t bathed in butter, sprinkled with sugar, dipped in chocolate or topped off with cheese. I was tired, moody and fast becoming the scary “F” word.

Cut back a couple of years –
Growing up I was remarkably thin – not model thin but rather its ugly stepsister, Miss awkward. Grade 11 & Matric I began picking up weight slowly but teamed with playing first team soccer I managed to keep the fat at bay – then came dreaded university. My metabolism had slowed drastically, I stopped all sport…infact any movement, yet still consumed junk at Usain Bolt speed. 4 years and 2 majors later I was clocking in at about 60kgs -10 kilos heavier… but hopefully smarter.

2 years into working I had packed on an additional 5kgs. My brother joined the gym and I agreed to sign up… you know…to help him. Oblivious to the way it would turn my life around. Here is how I did a 180.

I set goals. – You have to know where you are going in order to get there.

I tossed the excuses. – The only thing standing between you and your goals is the **beeeeep** you tell yourself daily, otherwise known as excuses.

I started slowly. – I only made changes I knew I would be able to stick to so that meant week one I trained twice and ate healthy meals just during lunch and that was enough….for me….for then. I refused to live in a cycle of guilt. Guilt driven people are manipulated by memories and I was NOT going to allow my past to control my future. Especially considering my pasts track record 😉

Nothing was off limits – I ate cupcakes but just 1 every now and again not 4 in one sitting…every day.

I ate often – As bizarre as it sounds I can’t stress this enough. Key to getting my nutrition right was eating 6-7 smaller meals every 2-3 hours.

I surrounded myself with the right people – Sleekgeek Facebook group. Nuff said.

I took advantage of my laziness – I switched out all junk in close proximity for healthier options.

I got my nerd on – Reading up on eating plans/ workout routines from reputable sites. Google is fantastic, use it, infact abuse it.

Get drunk…. on water – I got 4 water bottles (1 for my handbag, 1 for my car, 1 at my desk and 1 for gym). I drank alcohol only when I REALLY felt like it.

I accepted a few things – I love reminding people that an apple cannot be a pear. You need to know what kind of body shape you have and accept and love the things which are untrainable. My hips will never disappear no matter how many squats I do.

Finally – In an attempt to sound moderately deep. Everyone is on a journey, some are lucky enough to use Ferraris others donkeys but either way, we are all going to get there.

Life’s more fun when you’re moving.


  • Jenna Lange is a 23 year old Producer who lives in Rondebosch, Cape Town


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