Sleekgeek gets Jarryd’s marriage back on track [Testimonial]


In December when the the final results were coming in for the Summer Body 2012 Challenge I received this heart-warming message from Jarryd Smith in Durban.

He said he was happy for me to make it public. So you can read it below verbatim.

He did not get a placing in the challenge results but like many who do not win, he achieved impressive visual toning results in his 8 weeks.


“You are a legend, Elan! Thank you so much!! I honestly feel on top of the WORLD today! Regardless of who wins the challenge, I feel like I have won personally and exceeded my personal goals.

You and your vision have changed my life and saved my marriage. No jokes bru. At the start of this challenge, my wife and I had decided to divorce and this challenge initially started as a personal way for me to bring some much needed focus into my life. However, by the 3rd week, I was so dedicated to changing my body that it made me realise how uncommitted I had been to FIGHTING for my marriage and doing what was right.

As a result, I changed my attitude, humbled myself, lost my ego and poured the same commitment I had in this challenge, into my relationship with my wife.

6 weeks later, and a few marriage counseling sessions later, and my wife and I have completely done a 180 degree turn around. I am healthier & fitter but also in a much better mental space, which has had a huge knock-on effect on my marriage. My wife supported me 110% throughout the challenge and has been my biggest fan.

Sorry to off load like this, but you sir need to know just what an impact you are having in so many people’s lives 🙂

Thank you again. you have a Sleek Geek fan for life!


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