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Celeste – WOW – shares how she lost 42kgs!

Hi everyone,

You are about to meet an amazing married couple from Milnerton, Cape Town! Jonathan Jordaan and Celeste Vandewalle. Jonathan lost 70Kgs! and Celeste is down 42kgs!

Celeste posted some of her progress on the Sleekgeek group [Join us] and it caused such a massive response in the group she decided to write us her personal story and here it is in her own words.


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Ok here is my story……….ok where do I start?….

I have always had weight problems since I was a teenager. For years I was yo-yo dieting I would loose 10kgs then think it was enough and go back to unhealthy eating. Then about 6 months before I fell pregnant with our first daughter I started a new diet lost 25kgs felt amazing started gyming and then…found out I was pregnant again (I know now it shouldn’t have been an excuse) but I stopped gyming and ate for 2!

Any thought of dieting went out the window I had the excuse that I had just had a baby. Then 20 months later our second daughter was born. My staple diet during this pregnancy was cheeseburgers. Then for a few years I plodded along eating badly most of the time almost not noticing how big I had become. I was always the big friend of the group always loved a party, My life revolved around food.

There were days when we would eat take-aways for breakfast ,lunch and dinner. I had convinced myself that I love food too much I would just be fat forever and tried to convince myself I was happy that way. Of course I was miserable I was screaming inside.

Picture 539

The wake up call for me was when my husband Jonathan Jordaan lost 70kgs and weighed 100kgs.

At the time I weighed 102kgs and was a ladies size 24! There was no way I could weigh more than my husband! How did I let myself get so big? It was time for a change time to do it properly! Of course I first had a meltdown but then I pulled myself together and it was D-day. I joined the gym (SHOCKER) as I was always one if those people who critisise “gym people”.

The first day I went to gym was may 2012 off I went in my men’s XXL baggy t shirt and I felt like the fattest person in the gym I hated every minute of it I cried when I got home, but I did not give up. I persevered and went back the next day, and everyday after that. I cut out carbs and sugar and followed a Paleo way of eating. Once I had lost 20kgs on my own and was enjoying gym I decided to get a personal trainer. I started training twice a week with my trainer eating cleaner than ever before with the help of a nutritionist, and the rest of the week training myself.

Before I even realized I had lost 42kgs and reached my goal weight of 60kgs. And it was enjoyable! It is not a diet anymore it is a lifestyle change a total new way of life! I enjoy my food. I love my training, If I do not train I feel miserable. I am now a ladies size 8 my body fat is 16%. I have never been happier or more confident in my whole life. I never thought that at 26 years old I would be the thinnest I have ever been.My aim this year is to drop my body fat and continue to build strength.

Eating wise I eat a very high protein low carb diet, I drink one 100% whey shake a day and I fast until 11 everyday. I drink 3litres of water a day without fail. I do not eat any grains. I stick to this 6 days a week and have one off day or cheat day, which lately I am not really craving as I’m enjoying the healthy eating so much.

Normally my cheat is a pizza at Primi with chicken avo, mushrooms, onion and half the cheese – and finished off with a slice of caramel cheesecake. But the rest of the day is still like every other day I still fast and have my shake etc its more like a cheat meal than I day, LOL 😀 !

Another good tip is to not under eat!! Ur body needs to be fueled feed it well!

Preparation is key if you prepare your meals you are less likely to reach for the chocolate etc.

Find a gym buddy. You are more likely to get out of bed because someone is expecting you to be there than if you are going alone and you can motivate each other…….

Don’t obsess over the scale if you weigh yourself everyday you will drive yourself mad!……….

NEVER give up! Your mind is a powerful thing you may want to throw in the towel but push through you will be proud of yourself the next day. I love inspiring others and believe anybody can do it if they put their minds to it and put in the dedication and hard work.

There is no miracle pill no quick fix but if you are willing to work for it you can do it!!!

Hope you all enjoy my story Celeste xxxx

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