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Tarrin Hagan’s inspirational transformation

Hi everyone,

I would like you to meet Tarrin Hagan. A true inspiration to our community. She is joining the Sleekgeek team as a judge.

This is her story.




Hi sleekgeekers!


I’m Tarrin Hagan or as some of you know me, MissHagan_ and I am here to tell you a bit about my “journey”  to a new lifestyle and a better me.


Training at the gym and eating healthy was not always my passion, apart from playing ball sports at school because it was the “thing” to do, I actually despised any form of physical exercise. Running after a ball on the field, sure! Exercising just for the fun of it….no thanks! Skip a few years to my 20’s and I found myself about 20kg’s heavier…who would have thought the lack of physical exercise and eating the same way as I did in high school would have gotten me to being the “Fat” girl who muffined out of her pants….I guess as you age you realize your metabolism just isn’t the same as it was when you were a teenager 😉


So after many attempts at crash diets, injections to lose weight, trying every possible diet pill on the market and practically Yo-Yoing for years I decided enough was enough and I had now reached the point where I was tired of being the girl who covered up with a T-shirt at the beach in summer or the girl who shyed away from the camera.


I took the first step and went to see a sports nutritionist to help get my diet correct, in order to get my metabolism functioning the way it should be and I set a goal to compete in the Mr&Miss Fitness competition in May 2012. I started dieting in 2011 at a body fat % of 39% and a weight of 90kg, I had a long way to go but watching the fat melt away I was hooked on becoming the best version of myself I had ever been and being the competitive person I am by nature nothing was going to stand in my way of getting on that stage and proving to myself I had what it took to get up there and shine!

Food, unlike physical exercise has always been a passion of mine. I was the girl that ate everything and I grew up loving food. None of that has changed really I just approach food with a slightly healthier outlook. Food fuels my exercising so I try to consistently put the correct types of food in my body to keep it going, so eating clean but not depriving myself and allowing myself that cheat meal once in a while, however never rewarding myself with food for losing that extra kilo, I am not a dog and food should not be a reward.

I believe that anyone has what it takes to better themselves not only in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle but in every aspect of life, you just have to believe in yourself, believe you have what it takes to be the best version of yourself!

I am living proof that all thin healthy people do not come from a good gene pool, sure some people do have that skinny luck BUT it has taken me over a year to get the body that I have now, I am still a work in progress and I believe there is always room to improve but be PATIENT! The way I look now has nothing to do with genetics it has to do with the hard work, sweat, time and devotion I put in to get what I wanted out.



–       Nothing in life comes easy, if you really want to make the changes you will but you have to work for it!

–       Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing to do but to keep moving forward and progressing regardless of the hurdles you face on your journey, that is the mark of a true champion…as the saying goes: fall down 7 times but stand up 8.

–       Never be too hard on yourself, you are human and there are going to be moments where you feel like there is no point…oh…but there is and the day you reach that point/your goal weight, you will understand why – just like I did!

–       Live by the three D’s – Desire: You have to WANT to lose weight, become healthier. Discipline: To be successful in anything you do in life you have to be disciplined to do what it takes day in and day out with putting in loads of effort and hard work and then lastly you have to have the Determination to never give up!

–       Last but not least – Have fun, eat clean, be active and make health your lifestyle!



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