Rushda Moosajee – Judges Profile

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Rushda is a 27 year old fitness fanatic and been involved in the fitness industry for the past 4 years, having been bitten by the fitness bug herself. With a BTech in Graphic Design and experience in the advertising and marketing industry she embarked on fitness and assisted her then mentor on starting his business 360 Specialized Training in 2010.

Setting up the marketing, PR, and all the media for the gym, she worked on creating a name for herself in Cape Town on the fitness scene. Pursuing fitness further she is now studying at FIT Principles finishing her ACE in Personal Training Diploma. With the experience and client base she has built up, she has changed the lives of many and is passionate and driven to change many more, on a bigger scale.
Her newest venture is Rushtush Pty Ltd – where she consulting to fitness companies / brands on their business presence within social media and marketing. She is also the founder of a programme called Lightpink, based in CBD at Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy thats main aim is to empower women through fitness and health. Lightpink creates awareness within the fitness community for women’s fitness and wellbeing, it encourages women to be strong, it gives them the power and knowledge to branch into martial arts and self defense – through her training style, called Functional Hybrid. A mixture of everything she has learnt during her own fitness journey predominantly functional and shaping exercise and techniques. The style incorporates a body weight cardio program – incorporating ginastica movements, power yoga, stability – challenging yourself on unstable surfaces etc, strength – utilising power lifts, free weights & kettlebells, bags, odd lifting with balls, tyres and bags, power – using whats been learnt and applying it to speed and lastly core strength – challenged across all segments. This is just the beginning of her career and future in fitness.
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