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Shaun Labuschagne – My story

Shaun Labuschagne, Johannesburg

Challenger: Men’s toning category,  Sleekgeek “12 Week Comeback Kid challenge” (1 Feb – 25 April 2012) 


Hi Elan and sleekgeekers.

Ok let me start with a bit of background. In high school I played prop. Yes the fat front of the scrum guy. But I’m tall as well. Over the years I leaned out a bit and was build more like a flank but still played prop. Due to injury and finishing high school the normal thing happened I put on weight. Not a small amount going from a steady 85 odd kg throughout high school to a plump 102kg in 3 years.

Being in IT you eat whatever is quick and easy to grab so McD’s(Poisson) pies(mmmmm pies, I love me my pies) and the like of fast foods. At this stage I was also drinking coke. A can or 2 a day I loved it…

Well at the age of 22, February 2008, I wake up in huge pain. Turns out I had kidney stones. Yes at 22. At the point in my life I stopped drinking coke and was eating better. No more white bread. No more take outs. I lost 13kg’s in a month. Was drinking 2/3 litters of water a day as well. And life went on like this for a few years. Then in 2010 August, at my girlfriend’s sister’s wedding. The pain started again. Kidney stone again. A week later after getting over the kidney stone I got encephalitis. That’s when I knew I had to get fit.

My girlfriend and I started training with this group called British Military Fitness (BMF for short). Its open park resistance training, with 3 levels depending on fitness. I managed to get my strength and fit levels up, and my weight down to a steady 87kg or so. As my fitness and strength increased over the next 2 years I saw little visual results (and we all want the cut toned body) even though I was in the top fitness group.

Then comes along the motivation I needed. Sleek geek! Speaking to my trainers I was told to cut out all sugars or down as much as possible (including grains) in my diet. I googled grains and declared war on it. Sugars was a bit harder as I was eating a large amount of fruit, 4/5 helpings a day. But the fiber helped negate a lot of the sugars. At the same time I upped my fat and protein intake and number of meals a day to increase metabolism. Eggs for breakfast (omelets, scrabbled etc.) but was warned not to have sugars 3 hours ether side for cloistral reasons. Mid-morning a fruit, lunch would be chicken breast or tuna fish with a fruit, afternoon snack nuts or table spoon of peanut butter, dinner meat/fish/chicken and steamed veggies and pudding… yep a fruit.

my training stayed pretty much the same for the first 8 weeks, other than adding the west cliff hell stairs of death/doom ft. the corner of despair(an instance 3km run) it the 3/4 times a week 1 hour BMF class. But I was not seeing the visual results like I wanted to. I had got my weight down to a steady 83.5/84kg range. But I needed something more.

With 4weeks left of sleek geek I had to get results and fast. (I can only say this for guys… sorry girls) but after speaking to my instructor he said I need to up my testosterone level. And to do that, the 4 best exercises, squats, death left, bench press and pull ups. I also found some really good motivation and ideas from a video on YouTube.

without the equipment to do bench pressing and dead lifts, I relied on squats and pull ups, with my own custom abs work out thrown in. that was an additional 30 every 2nd day to my -5 hours a week workouts. But here is my secret that I think worked best for me. I applied it to all my work outs. It’s simple… it’s called explosive movement.

Let me explain. If you going to do a sit-up, do it as a power movement on the upward movement. Anyone can do sit-ups for hours. And you will build mussel but slowly. And you can apply it to 90% of you work out no matter what you do. (If you want more info contact me, I’m happy to share more details)

Below are my results:


Before after
body fat  20.20% 17.30%
height  1.80m  1.79m(i shrank)
chest  out: 99cm  in:100cm out:95cm
bicep  31.5cm 29cm
tummy  99cm  92cm
thigh  59.7cm 54.5cm
neck  39cm 39cm

17.3cm  17.3cm


With a new job and time problems im not going to do the next challange. i will be starting crossfit in the next month tho and cutting down on the BMF but will maintain the 5 hours per week of training.

A few words of warning. sugar is addictive. its worse then i drug. once you off it dont have it again. other wise you will crave it, and sneek you fix. have a cheat day once a week. but dont go over board. your body will only forgive you so much.

It is very hard to maintain a diet like i was on. it takes thinking ahead. it works very well on a short term and is pricie. but for long term you need to look for something that you can maintain. im still at 82kg now. even though leading up to the final day i hit 79.9 kg for 2 days. i have started eating odds things like box fish and pasta again. my final weight was after a days eating and wearing the same cloths as the benchmark weigh in.

Hope this helps and something that i hope will help motivate you. there is always some one willing to give it there all, be that 10/10. there are those that push beyond that. the very few that make it to 11/10, my question to you is why stop there? push on aim for 12/10

Good luck and push hard!


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