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JP van der Spuy: My Story and why it matters?

Name: JP van der Spuy, founder, Cape Town

Overall Winner: Sleekgeek 6-week Beach Body Challenge (25 October – 5 December 2011)

7 Weeks ago we all embarked on this journey to get that beach body and challenge each other to the best transformation. To me this was never about 6 weeks, but more a lifestyle change and to get me back on the path I was less than a year back.

This might come as a surprise to some, but I’ve been overweight for the most part of my life. Couldn’t shake my baby fat and got into shape for the first time early 2011. I planned a trip to Thailand, lost almost 20kg’s in 5 months but after returning from Thailand, got straight back into the bad eating and no training. Within 6months I’ve picked up around 8kg’s again, a complete relapse.

This is when I received the invite from Elan Lohmann. I was so pissed at myself for relapsing after being in shape for the very first time, so I took up the challenge, hoping it would be my stepping stone to get my body back into shape. This time round, I’m doing things way more intellectuality than before, knowing where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them!

My result…. (note the before pic is from 2010 and was not my challenge entry photo but I started at a similar point)




Understanding what your body needs and what it doesn’t need

Some of you might have thought that I am somewhat obsessed if you saw how I went about this challenge, but the only reason why I achieved some great results, was because I lived it from waking up in the morning to hitting the bed at night, with intake and hardcore training being my core focus!. Once you understand kilojoules, fats, carbohydrates and protein, how much your body needs and what foods to eat, how much rest your body requires, you are on the right path. You might not train today or tomorrow, or carry your weights with you wherever you go, but the knowledge of understanding food on this whole other level, is definitely the key to a beach body!

My Eating plan:

7am – 500ml water

8am – Exercise 1 or 2 (more about my training program below)

9:30am – Breakfast Option

11am – mid morning snack – 20gr protein shake + 200ml water

13:00 – Lunch Option

15:00 – Full serving Protein Shake (40gr + 400ml water)

18:00 – Exercise 3 or 4

20:00 – Dinner Option

22:00 – 20gr protein + 200ml water


Meal Options:


Breakfast One – 40gr Oat Meal, 20gr USN Pure Protein + 200ml water (instead of milk, all mixed together and microwave heated). Can also switch between Oats and Weetbix, though oats are fantastic for low GI breakfast.

Breakfast Two – 1 x slice Rye or LOW GI seed loaf (toasted), 3 pieces of PnP lean bacon steamed in pan with water (way leaner than weight-less or any of those brands) + 4 eggs (1 egg yellow, 4 egg whites), onion and mushrooms steamed in water. Mix the onions, mushrooms, red/yellow peppers + egg mixture together to make an omelet. Some Fat free cottage cheese (HIGH in Protein, low in KJ’s) on the rye bread with omelet and 3 pieces of bacon to make a descent fat free, low carb and high protein breakfast!

Lunch One – Tuna in brine mixed with peppers, onions, gherkins, tomato’s and cucumber. Topped on 3 pieces of Cracker bread instead of bread (without mayo or margarine) with some salt and pepper.

Lunch Two – 3 x Cracker bread’s or 2 slices Rye/Seed bread with thick layer of Fat Free smooth cottage cheese, topped with Norwegian smoked Salmon slices.

Lunch Three – 2 x Chicken breast oven baked with spices + cauliflower/broccoli and 1 cup Basmati Rice


Dinner One – 2 x Ostrich Steaks with Basmati Rice, lite sauce, cauliflower/broccoli + half gem-squash (sweetcorn).

Dinner Two – Lean Ostrich mince meat balls with Basmati Rice, weighless sauce, colliflower/broccoli, half gemsquash with sweetcorn.

Dinner Three – 2 x Chicken breast oven baked with spices, with colliflower/broccoli and 1 cup Basmati Rice

Dinner Four – Super Lean cottage pie made without a whites sauce, using lean steamed ostrich mince, veggies and real potato mash (without the margarine added to potato mash).


Training Plan:


Excercise 1 – P90X – Ab Ripper (15min core ab workout)

Excercise 2 – P90x – Super Cardio (20min intense cardio workout)

Excercise 3 – Gym – 60min – 90min workout (only free weights, ezee bar, curls, lifts, dumbbell press, pull ups, push-ups, pull bars… cross training biceps, triceps, forearms, chest, shoulders and back)

Excercise 4 – Squash (started with 3 games/40min and up to around 15games/120-150min)


Generally I would mix things up with regards to meals and training. For instance I would never mix exercise 2 in the morning with exercise 4 in the afternoon. Also, I would rotate for one night squash, one night gym – 6days a week and Sundays I try to find something active like golf, Clifton beach, table mountain hiking trail or tennis

To some it all up and the reason I’m making this post is to warn all of you how quickly it is to loose track of what you are doing and to make you aware of my mistakes, before you do the same. From here on out there is no group, wall, friends or money at stake to keep you from a relapse or to make you push yourself the way you have, so find what works for you. The single most important thing about training is not how well you train, but the fact that you do. I hope this was a good stepping stone for all of you to get in shape, stay in shape and get that beach body you’ve always dreamed of!



  • JP Originally posted this on his Facebook page at on Dec 12, 2011


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