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30-Day Sleekgeek REBOOT Challenge

Sleekgeek REBOOT 3 Lists

The Sleekgeek REBOOT is a short and focused 30-day nutrition challenge designed to re-orientate you towards healthier eating habits and better overall health.


Nutrition can be really confusing and making big life changes is scary. This is why so many people come into the Sleekgeek community looking for help and the right place to start.

What should or shouldn’t they eat? How can they lose 10kgs? What do we think of Herbalife or USN shakes? Low-carb or low-gi carb? What about thyroid, or hormones, or gut health, or calories, or sports performance? Or even just how can they be healthier and more energetic in general?

The goal of the REBOOT is to:

  • Improve your relationship with food.
  • Help you break free of the control that cravings and sugar crashes have over your life.
  • Show you how to enjoy eating healthy an delicious food, while leaving you feeling satiated and satisfied.
  • Address common but unnecessary issues such as digestive problems, hormone imbalances, unwanted weight gain, skin issues, allergies, poor insulin sensitivity, and micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Get you to prepare your own food more and consider food labels. 

The Sleekgeek REBOOT will show you how certain nutrient-depleted and inflammation-promoting processed foods combined with the demand for convenience and quick fixes has taken over modern society for the worst. It has lead to a sub-optimal quality of life for the average person and created a heavy reliance on healthcare sickcare medication and stimulants to keep them functioning on a daily basis.

You will be surprised by how well your body responds to just a few days of eating real food that provides it with all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it needs to function properly.

Weight loss! We are not going to promise you weight loss because the real goal of the REBOOT is healthy but from experience when people start to clean up their nutrition in this manner weight loss is an almost certain by-product! BONUS! 

The reboot at a quick glance 

The Reboot is a 30 DAY CHALLENGE where you eat certain food for 30 days no exceptions. Below is a brief insight into a summary of the food groups. 

  • Green List [Allowed] – Meat, fish and seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, non-dairy milks, spices, herbs, salts, etc.
  • Red List [Not Allowed] – Sugar, industrial seed and vegetable oils, grains, dairy products, legumes, alcohol, highly processed foods, cheating.
  • Orange List [Exceptions or Caution] – Starchy veg, certain legumes, butter and ghee, dates, dried fruit, vinegars, non-dairy milks, pseudo-junk foods.

Best of all is that we have a community of thousands of people just like you who are dedicated to supporting each other to succeed. We are all in this together, right from day one!

Our own personal experience and countless testimonials from within our community, combined with the latest scientific research has made it clear that one of the best things that people can do is just get back to the basics of eating real food. Food that gives us the nutrients we need to thrive, are anti-inflammatory, and help us fight off disease.

Therefore, our advice is to: Eat food that contributes positively towards your overall health, while at the same time avoiding or eating less unhealthy food that can detract from your health.

There are many different ways to go about improving your diet, all with their own pros and cons. We have found that short and focused 30-day challenges, like the REBOOT, are a great way to get your head in the game and stick to your commitment. Many of our members experience the happy by-product of losing weight. 

Next Steps? 

So you are convinced! Great! This 30 days will be a useful and beneficial experience for you. There is no doubt about that. 

We offer a free and a paid path forward so there is a something for everyone. 

Option 1 – “FREE”-STYLE IT 

(Ideal for people with time and patience to make errors) 

Click here to read about all the basics and rules of the REBOOT. You can use those basics provided as well as the community support in our dedicated support group to help you through the 30 days. 

That in theory is all you need to complete the REBOOT. 

This approach is going to require you to figure some things out which could take extra time and energy. Some people get frustrated because there might be some trial and error involved to piece everything together (If that is not for you then see Option 2 below)  

But we are not leaving you alone… 

You also have free access to our dedicated REBOOT Facebook community at Sleekgeek REBOOT Facebook Support Group

Feel free to ask any questions you might have after reading through all of the information above. Please also introduce yourself to the community and ask questions)

[Click to see Free Basics


(Ideal for people who want solutions right away and do not have time to waste) 

Over the years, we have seen an unbelievable number of REBOOT successes, and admittedly, a few failures too… This is what inspired us to write the REBOOT Success Guide eBOOK.

We took 18 months to produce the ultimate guide covering all the common frequent questions and now to resolve them. We complimented that with an incredible bouquet of resources to give you the absolute best chance of success! 

Introducing The REBOOT Success Guide:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Overview

The REBOOT Success Guide is a 62-page downloadable digital eBook that is available instantly worldwide!

It also comes with 123 pages of BONUS CONTENT (for free) including

  • Tasty basic recipes
  • A Gourmet Cookbook by well known Chef Max Botha. 
  • Meal guidelines
  • Basic meal plan samples
  • Drinks ideas
  • Printable cheat sheets
  • And so much more.

Once you have purchased a copy you will get free updates for life to any revisions or additional content we add in the future.

SPECIAL OFFER! The cost of this eBOOK product is R350 but for a limited time you can use the discount code “READY” and save R50… you will get all of this incredible for R300! 

Buy your Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Now

Below is the full detail on everything you can expect! 

1. Unlocking the Mindset of a Champion:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Mindset of a ChampionMuch of the REBOOT is more of a mental challenge than anything else, which is why we have dedicated the first part of this book to the Mindset of a Champion. In this section, we talk about why the REBOOT is not a quick-fix solution and rather a learning process that helps re-orientate you towards healthier eating habits and better overall health that will stay with you for a lifetime. You will learn things like what success and failure really mean, how to deal with food addiction and the distortion of hunger, how to value your health, how to build a support structure, and how to best measure success.

2. How to Best Get Started on the REBOOT:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Its Time to REBOOTAfter that, we discuss how to get started, because as it turns out, for many getting started is the hardest part. Some people are most successful jumping right in and taking on the REBOOT with a cold-turkey approach while others do better on a more gradual and slow transition into the REBOOT – we call this a “PRE-BOOT”.  We will help you figure out which strategy is best for you and give you tips on how to do either one more effectively. We also give you 3 tools to help keep you on track and 3 habits that will keep you going in the right direction no matter what.

3. Strategies for Success:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Strategies for SuccessNext, we get to the meat of the Success Guide that focuses on various strategies for achieving success. This is the real practical advice that you can apply to your life to make the REBOOT easier, cheaper, healthier, and more fun. We will walk you through how to read food labels and decide whether or not it’s worth spending extra money on organic food. We also give you tips on how to eat healthily on a budget, how to eat out at restaurants without messing up your REBOOT, and how to stock your kitchen pantry at home to make sure that you have everything you need.

4. Troubleshooting Problems and Common Mistakes:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide TroubleshootingTo wrap things up we help you do some troubleshooting. One of the best ways to learn is through making mistakes, but thankfully you don’t have to be the one making those mistakes and wasting valuable time, energy, and money. We have compiled a list of the top mistakes made by others on the REBOOT along with solutions on how you can avoid them, answers to the most frequently asked questions, and also a guide on what you should do once you complete your 30 days.


SPECIAL OFFER! The cost of this eBOOK product is R350 but for a limited time you can use the discount code “READY” and save R50… you will get all of this incredible for R300! 

Buy your Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Now

Plus, BONUS Resources Completely FREE:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Resources Overview

As promised, the 62-page REBOOT Success Guide is not all you are getting! 

It also comes with 123 pages of BONUS CONTENT (for free) including tasty recipes, meal guidelines, sample meal plans, drinks ideas, printable cheat sheets, and so much more.

5. An Extensive Food List Summary:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Food List SummaryThis includes the standard Green, Red, and Orange REBOOT food lists that the whole program is built around as well as an expanded food list that goes in-depth into REBOOT-friendly foods as well as some of the top naasties to watch out for.

6. Food Matrix System to Help You Build Your Own REBOOT-Friendly Meals and Snacks From Scratch:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Food MatrixWe teach you how to combine common foods from protein, vegetable, and fat food groups along with some guidance on things like fruit and carbohydrate-dense starches.

7. Meal Guidelines for Healthy Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, and Snacks:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Meal GuidelinesSwitching to a REBOOT kind of lifestyle can be quite a daunting task. You might find that suddenly many of your foundational everyday kind of meals are no longer allowed and you have no clue what to eat. This section is where we show you how to start putting together basic meals that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks so that you can get started right away and have the most successful REBOOT ever.

8. Drinks Ideas to Give You Some Exciting Variety:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Drinks IdeasGetting enough water throughout the day is essential to a healthy lifestyle as proper hydration improves day-to-day brain function, concentration, general mood, skin health, and of course, physical performance. While that’s all fine and well, we know that drinking water day in and day out can get a bit boring so we have some great tips to help you spice things up a bit.

9. Basic Recipes That Are Quick to Make and Require Little Cooking Experience:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Basic RecipesSo, you’re not a Masterchef – it’s OK. We’re not going to let that hold you back from being successful with your REBOOT. We believe that learning to cook is an absolutely critical skill if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Having a fantastic nutrition plan but not being able to cook is like having the most effective workout plan but being completely immobile. That’s why we have included some of our favourite techniques for cooking absolute basic and yet incredibly tasty meals.

10. Gourmet Recipes From a Renown Chef:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Gourmet Recipe BookFor those that are more confident in the kitchen or even our adventurous beginners – we have worked with highly decorated Chef Max Bothe and to bring you a 45-page Gourmet Recipe Book. In here you will find tried and tested delicious recipes covering everything from breakfasts to beef, chicken, or fish main meals, to side dishes, condiments and smoothies. This is one resource that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

11. Two Week’s Worth of Sample Meal Plans:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Sample Meal PlansNutrition is incredibly personal. What you eat on a daily basis should be influenced by factors such as your weight, age, level of physical activity, goals, preferences, and so on. A meal plan and strategy that worked for one person (no matter how successful) may not work for you. This is why we are so hesitant to provide actual meal plans for on the REBOOT. We strongly believe that for the next 30 days you are better off focusing on the quality of food you eat and your relationship with that food, rather than just blindly following a plan. Despite that, we have decided to provide you with 2 weeks’ worth of meal planning for illustrative purposes. It’s so that you can get a good overview of what a day or week’s worth of meals looks like. These meal plans blend recipes from our Basic Recipes, Gourmet Recipes, and some community-sourced favourites from around the web.

12. Progress Tracking Charts to Help You Monitor Your Progress and Compliance:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Progress Tracking ChartsOne of the most important aspects of creating healthy habits is regular compliance, and research shows that tracking your habits dramatically increases the chance of you being successful. This is not complicated at all, in fact, it’s dead easy. We have made a couple of progress tracking charts that you can use to track your daily and well as overall REBOOT progress.

13. Printable Assessments, Questionnaires, Charts, and Cheat-Sheets:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Printables and Cheat SheetsThroughout the REBOOT Success Guide, we give you a number of assessments, questionnaires, and charts to fill in to help you get a better idea of where you are and where you are going. We also give you cheat-sheet summaries of the most important practical points so that you can stick them on your fridge or keep them handy for quick reference.

14. Testimonials From Other Sleekgeeks Just Like You:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide TestimonialsNothing inspires success like success itself. The Sleekgeek REBOOT is an entire community built around everyday people just like you and me. We all come from different backgrounds and have different challenges and goals, but we are all in this together. In here you will find testimonials from other Sleekgeek’s just like you who have successfully completed or benefited from the REBOOT.


SPECIAL OFFER! The cost of this eBOOK product is R350 but for a limited time you can use the discount code “READY” and save R50… you will get all of this incredible for R300! 

Buy your Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Now

Read a Sample Chapter:

Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide Read a Sample Chapter

>> Click here to download your FREE chapter of How to Eat Healthily on a Budget!








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