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Hi Challenger!

Welcome to your challenge instructions page.

Here is a quick overview:

  • Start your challenge when you are ready, by submitting your Before Measurements and Before Photos at the start of your desired Heat (you can choose 1 of 5 starting dates, AKA Heats, in the table below). Note: There is no need to let us know which Heat you are picking. Simply start on the appropriate date.  
  • Throughout the next 8 weeks, you will be required to complete 3 different progress check-ins (they are each spaced 2 weeks apart).
  • Finally, at the end of your challenge, you will need to submit your final After Measurements and After Photos to display the progress you have made.

It is very important that you pay careful attention to the instructions given below with each step:

Not following the instructions correctly could lead to disqualification.

The responsibility lies with you to submit everything correctly. If needed please re-familiarise yourself with our Challenge Conditions and feel free to email helpdesk should you have any questions.

An important note on email communications: 

We send a series of motivational and instructions videos to you throughout the 8-Week Challenge. If you use Gmail these mostly end up in your “Promotions” folder or tab. Or even spam. So please double-check that you are receiving our communications thanks. 


There are 5 different starting dates called Heats to choose from. Each starts on a consecutive Monday.

When ready to start your 8-Week Challenge, simply submit your Before Measurements and Before Photos on the Monday that your desired Heat starts on.

You have a 1-day “grace” on either side of your challenge start date and ALL Challenge submissions. Please refer to the Heat Date Table below.

For example:

If your heat start date is Monday, then you must note down your measurements and submit them within 1 day of your heat starting date. That means you can submit your information either on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Don’t leave it to the last minute if you can help it.

For example: If you want to be in Heat 3, then you will submit your Before Measurements and Before Photos on Sun 24th, Mon 25th or Tues 26th of September.

We strongly recommend that you diarise all your key dates for the Challenge from the table below right away to keep you focused. 


Please only submit your measurements and photos at the start of your chosen heat.

All heats start on a Monday. If you prefer, you may submit your before measurements and photos on the day before or day after (Sunday or Tuesday).


Before Measurements Instructions Before Photos Instructions



Throughout 8 weeks of your challenge, you are required to complete 3 different progress check-ins (they are each spaced 2 weeks apart).

All check-ins are due within a 48hr grace period of your Heat’s check-in date. So if your 1st check-in for Heat 3 is due on Monday, then you can also submit that information on that Sunday the day before or that Tuesday the day after.

As a courtesy, we do send reminder emails, but email can be unreliable so please diarise dates and make sure you are on the ball. Adding these dates to Google Calendar or similar takes less than 2 minutes and can save you a huge amount of trouble.

Check-in #1 (end of Week 2)

Check-in #2 (end of Week 4)

Check-in #3 (end of Week 6)



Please only submit your measurements and photos at the end of your chosen heat.

All heats end on a Monday. You must submit your after measurements and photos by Tuesday midnight at the absolute latest.

NOTE: “After” photo submission process is DIFFERENT to the “Before” submission process! Please read the instructions very carefully.

We ask you to please put BOTH your before AND after photos together side-by-side in a Word Document, Presentation file, or similar. This helps us to dramatically speed up the judging process and help us get the final results to you as soon as possible.

After Measurements Instructions

After Photos Instructions



Heat Start Dates

Heat 1

Heat 2

Heat 3

Heat 4

Heat 5