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Challenge Vault – Exercise Plans

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Hi Challenger!

Welcome to your challenge exercise plans page.

Here you can download any of the exercise plans we have to help you on your 8-week challenge.

Keep in mind, these plans are completely optional. So if you already have your own plan sorted out or just want to do your own thing then feel free to do that instead.

Before we continue: 

  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, and have at any stage been advised not to exercise, please consult your physician prior to starting any exercise programme.
  • DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this programme is not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis or recommendations of a doctor or health care practitioner.
  • Always consult a doctor before embarking on an exercise or nutrition programme If for any reason at all you suspect that you are not able to take part.

We have tried to cater for a variety of different exercise capabilities preferences, so please select the one that is the most appropriate to you. We have offered you plans to help you train at home, at the gym and have added swimming, running and cycling plans if that is more your interest.

Our exercise plans are put together by Craig Brown (Elan’s coach and owner of CSB Body Fusion), Ashley Galliard (sports scientist and owner of Galliard’s Fitness) and Jandre de Beer (sports scientist and our resident supplement expert).

If that is all too much we even have guides on how you can just get moving with your personal Step Challenge.

So there is no excuse for you not to MOVE over this 8-Week period.



Plans are distinguished between gym plans and home workout plans as well as level of experience so that you can choose what works best for you.

All of the plans come with instructions on how to customise your plan to meet your specific needs. Keep in mind that physical exercise is incredibly personal and what is best for one person might not be best for another. Sometimes a bit of trial and error is needed – that is why we suggest giving yourself a “trial week” with your exercise plan before officially starting your challenge.




Strength and Cardio


  Cardio / High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)     




Strength and Cardio    

Plans by Craig Brown of CSB Bodyfusion:

  • Exercise Glossary with instructions for each exercise used in the various plans
    [Download Glossary]
  • Absolute Beginner Plan (if you are brand new to the gym or very inexperienced)
    [Download Plan]
  • Beginner Plan (if you have less than 1 year of consistent training experience)
    [Download Plan]
  • Intermediate/Advanced Plan (if you have at least 1 year of consistent training experience)
    [Download Plan]
Strength and Cardio    

Plans by Sleekgeek Head Sport Scientist Ashley Galliard:

Strength and Cardio    

Plans by Jandre de Beer, Sport Scientist and founder of Fitness101. 

Cardio /High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)    

PLUS: Be sure to check out Ashley Galliard’s and Jandre de Beer’s bonus resources in your Challenge Vault Resources section.




These are bonus plans that our friends at Exercise Solutions have provided for anyone here looking to improve their running, swimming, or cycling.







If you feel that you are not yet ready for exercise then it is still important to get moving!

In fact even people who go to the gym can be classed as sedentary!

Take the Step Challenge below if this is all you can manage or as an enhancement to your plan! 

Preliminary pedometer indices for public health have established that:

  • Those who take 5,000 steps a day or less are considered sedentary and at a higher risk for obesity, disease, and early death.
  • Those who take 10,000 steps a day or more are considered active and typically have less body fat and better overall health.

For some people, these numbers are ridiculously easy, and for others they might seem utterly impossible.

That is why we have broken it up into 4 different categories to let you choose which one best suits you. Hopefully over time you will be able to repeat the challenge, slowly moving towards the desired 10,000 steps or more.

  • 4,000 steps a day (beginner – someone who lives a VERY sedentary lifestyle).
  • 6,000 steps a day (intermediate – someone who lives a moderately sedentary lifestyle).
  • 8,000 steps a day (advanced – someone who lives a moderately active lifestyle).
  • 10,000+ steps a day (elite – someone who lives an active lifestyle).

Whichever category you choose, it should be a CHALLENGE. If you walk 6,000 steps in a day quite easily then you should be aiming for 8,000 or even 10,000.

The Step Challenge is supposed to get you up and moving, beyond what you normally do in your daily life. You should be actively looking for ways to add in more movement and walking throughout your day such as going for walks at lunch, taking the stairs, parking in the back of the parking lot, walking the dog instead of watching TV, and so on.

The takeaway at the end is you discover how enjoyable walking can be, how much better it can make you feel, and how easy it is to add more of it into your lifestyle in the simplest of ways.

If you aren’t sure: Determine your current daily movement (track your steps for 7 days, add them up and then divide the total by 7 to get your daily average). Then, select the category that is closest to 2,000-3,000 steps above what you are currently walking.


  • Determine your Challenge goal.
  • Make sure you have some kind of fitness tracking device or just your smartphone’s built-in pedometer functionality.
  • GET MOVING! Hit your goal every single day for 30 days in a row. If you miss a day you start back at day 1.
  • Repeat for the next 30 days with an increased goal. 


For most people, walking 1km is on average 1,250 steps:

  • 4,000 steps = 3,1km.
  • 6,000 steps = 4.8km.
  • 8,000 steps = 6.4km.
  • 10,000 steps = 8km.

If your goal is to walk 6,000 steps then measure out 4-5km on the map and go at it! Count anything extra that you take throughout the day as a bonus.


Exercising can be really daunting, especially if you haven’t done it for a long time or find yourself too overweight / unfit to even get started again.

Not to worry, here is a great article by LifeHacker on How to Start Exercising When You’re Already Overweight that gives some fantastic advice on what small steps you can take. Remember, something is always better than nothing. If you aren’t working out you should at least be getting some walking of some kind in.

Mark Sisson also makes some good suggestions in his article on When All You Want to do is Sit on the Couch.

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