Win some new Seltzer Essence – honest sparkling water


At last, good news that’s not fake!

No sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives. It’s time to enjoy the no-nonsense goodness of new Seltzer Essence. 

At Sleekgeek HQ we were delighted to receive some of the new Seltzer Essence Sparkling Water. They fit our lifestyles because they are practically calorie free and a delicious tasty treat at the same time. Perfect to hydrate and satisfy a craving for something yummy at the same time. Both Eric and I loved the 3 flavours. 

I am especially not a fan of straight water and struggle with it – so I have loved the samples we received to test. I find a bottle of the water blunts any sugar cravings I may have. I am also satisfied with the ingredients.  

So thanks to our friends at Seltzer! 

  1. Review: Eric wrote a little review on what he thinks about the product which you can read
    over here 
  2. Taste test: We also did a taste test on a LIVE Video over here 

WIN! At the bottom of this page complete the simple form and you can win some Seltzer Essence for yourself! 

If you are not in the know yet, then … according to our friends at Seltzer:

“Seltzer, the brand that introduced flavoured water to South Africans, has added even more sparkle to its range. New Seltzer Essence – surprisingly HONEST real sparkling water – available in three enticing natural flavours: Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry, Green Apple & Mint, and Watermelon & Mixed Berry.

Families can now confidently enjoy the range’s goodness.

Health and fitness fanatics can add Seltzer Essence to their daily routine with no fears of it disrupting a carefully planned and controlled diet or training regime. And, for those who are consciously cutting down on sugar, but dreading a life of blandness, the water promises all of the taste and none of the sugar.

Clearly, its honest water, that’s completely transparent!

“Seltzer water itself is known and loved as a healthy and delicious alternative to plain water,” says Kieran Treacy, Founder of Seltzer. “This new range adds a taste profile that we believe our loyal customers will love, and that will win many more followers in search of an honest and natural water option. We are really proud of this no-sugar, no-preservatives, guilt-free, healthy alternative drink.”

The three Seltzer flavours were carefully selected for those with a taste for refreshing goodness, with each label telling a novel story:

Watermelon & Mixed Berry says no to sugar and preservatives, but a fresh and delicious yes to the refreshingly delicate sparklingly taste of watermelon and mixed berry.

Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry is guaranteed to tickle taste buds pink with the sparkling combination of pink grapefruit and strawberry. No sugar, no preservatives – this one is certainly berry nice and refreshingly fruity!

Green Apple & Mint is wickedly refreshing, sparkling with freshness and just enough fruity taste to delight. No sugar, no preservatives. A bottle a day is sure to keep unhappy away!”

For more information on Seltzer Essence, visit:

Connect with Seltzer on social media: 

How to get it? 

Seltzer Essence is now on shelves  – but, clearly, won’t stay there for long.

Wondering where you can source the product?

It retails between R7,99 and R9,99 at Spars, Pick n Pays and petrol station shops around the country. 

Download a spreadsheet of nationwide distribution (GP, CT KZN, Bloem, PE) as at 21 May 2018 over here– Ps click on a tab to view your region.

Competition closed

4 lucky Sleeks each get to sample a six pack of each flavour!

They were

  1. Bianca Balutto
  2. Nicole Marx
  3. Selaelo Selebogo 
  4. Salochana Naidoo 


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