Win R2,500 Bra and tights shopping spree with adidas Beyond the Comfort Zone


Hi Sleeks,

Today Eric and I just wanted to express our deep gratitude to our friends at adidas who have been working with Sleekgeek for over a year now.

We really value this partnership and it is important to you too. As you know most of what Sleekgeek offers is free. 

We pour our daily passion into fuelling our mission to change 1 million lives while we fight to make homes, schools and workplaces healthier places to be.

The support we receive from our sponsors helps us to stay focussed on that dream.

We especially love it when we work with people who have a shared mission. adidas is working to change the world through sport and activity. That is why they love Sleekgeek.

This month we are helping them support the launch of their Beyond the Comfort Zone range of bras and tights.

(Shop the range online here or at an adidas training store near you) #adidaswomen #neverdone


We would like to give back to you too because you are awesome and you deserve to workout in the best! 

Enter below to win! 



To celebrate the launch of the range we are going to give away R2,500 worth of of bras and tights in a shopping spree.

Simply complete the form below and we will select a winner March 26. 

Note: When you enter you agree to us adding you to the Sleekgeek newsletter and us passing your email address and gender to adidas to add to their newsletter. 

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