T-Shirt Design Contest – Be Your Own Hero!

Sleekgeek tshirt design contest

Hi Sleeks, we are looking at launching the next range of Sleekgeek Merchandise.

Rather than designing the shirts and vests ourselves, we thought we would open it up to the community to submit their own designs.


A new T-Shirt / Vest design for Sleekgeek.


Be Your Own Hero“.

Preferably with those exact words + the Sleekgeek Logo on the shirt / vest (front or back).

But, you can also incorporate small amounts of imagery or symbols as long as it is free to use and not copyrighted.

Keep in mind that Sleekgeek operates under the concept and mission of being a “Health Revolution”. You do not need to include this in your design at all, but if it inspires you somewhat then so be it.

In general, less is more when it comes to t-shirt designs.


Entries close at 1 pm on Friday the 6th of October, 2017.

I know this is a really short deadline but we want to get them printed before the end-of-year dinners.


You can email your submissions to eric@sleekgeek.co.za (that’s Eric, not Elan in case anyone gets confused).

Please submit as a high-quality EPS, PSD, or Vector PDF.

Including a second JPEG or PNG version for quick viewing would be appreciated but not necessary.

As far as I understand, 300 dpi for images is a must.


This is not a paid job.

Truth be told we debated long and hard at Sleekgeek HQ on whether or not we should host a design contest… Artists and designers frequently get exploited and taken advantage of in the name of “exposure”. It’s super annoying, I know. Here’s a The Oatmeal cartoon on it that I’m sure you would appreciate.

With all that said, we decided to give it a try to see what happens. Sleekgeek is largely a community run initiative and we wanted to get more community input into the direction that we take with our designs. We are not in the business of merchandising, we are in the business of changing lives and building communities.

However, we WILL kit you out with your own pieces of the final products (t-shirts / vests) along with a R1,000 adidas voucher to spend online.

I will see what I can do to get Elan to throw in some extras. No promises, but maybe we can sneak in a Sleekgeeek Diary or Cap, or maybe even an 8-Week Challenge entry or two for 2018.

You and / or your graphic design business or similar will be credited in the winner announcement and I think it goes without saying that if the community really likes your work we will consider budgeting to commission further projects from you in the future.

Extra Stuff:

The t-shirts and vests will likely be black, light grey, or white. So think along those lines for colours. You may submit multiple designs or versions of a design if you wish.

The blue colour that we use in the Sleekgeek Logo is #10b5e3.

You can download the various Sleekgeek Logos and their PSDs here if you wish.

You do not need to use the logo or the entire logo in your design, but it would be nice. If need be we will just pop it on the sleeve and/or somewhere else on the t-shirt or vest.


Sorry for the formalities, but things can get a bit messy otherwise and I want you to know what you are getting into if you choose to enter.

Designs entered into the competition become the sole property of Sleekgeek and we have exclusive rights to reproduce, use, and if need be adapt or edit the design for use on our merchandise.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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