6 Differences Between Emotional and Physical Hunger

Emotional vs physical hunger

Are you eating to fuel your body, or eating to fuel your emotions?

When is a craving just a craving and when are you actually hungry?

I put together a quick graphic to help you identify the difference.


6 Differences Between Emotional and Physical Hunger:

(You can download your own copy of the image here.)

Emotional eating is not something that you overcome overnight. It takes lots of regular practice and patience.

We do a lot of work on emotional eating in our coaching program (www.sleekgeek.co.za/coaching) – but if you would like to try and tackle some of it on your own then be sure to check out our 5 Steps to Overcome Emotional Eating guide.

"Falling off the wagon"

What if it was actually an important part of the journey?


Let us show you how to turn failure into the most valuable feedback ever.