The Sleekgeek REBOOT Workshop – in partnership with Living Spot

We hosted our first ever Sleekgeek REBOOT workshop on 1 April – and it was such a hit that we’ve decided to host another. On 6th May, 20 Sleeks will have the chance to join us & Melissa Thomas from Living Spot for 4 hours of all things REBOOT – it will take the form of an interactive workshop to take you through the basics of completing a successful 30-Day REBOOT and empower you to do the full 30 days successfully.

What to expect:

  • Understanding what a REBOOT is all about.
  • Tips on weekly meal prep.
  • How to read labels in the supermarket.
  • Getting to know others in the community, maybe even leaving with a ‘REBOOT Buddy’.
  • How to create your own meal plan.
  • Awesome goodies and a printed and bound REBOOT Success Guide!

Space is limited, book your tickets now!

Your R600 workshop ticket will afford you access to this 4-hour workshop event, where you will get to soak up and develop all the skills and knowledge you need to take part in our REBOOT challenge.
You will also be given your very own hard copy version of the Sleekgeek REBOOT Success Guide (which alone is worth R350) and includes:
  • The 62-page REBOOT Success Guide
  • The 23 pages of BONUS CONTENT including tasty recipes, meal guidelines, sample meal plans, drinks ideas, printable cheat sheets, and so much more.

Space is limited, book your tickets now!

Take it from Sleek legend and ‘Coach Uni’, Jill Prins who attended the first workshop – 

“So I just have to share how motivating and refreshing the Reboot Workshop that was hosted by Melissa Thomas and Elan Lohmann! I went and spent the weekend going through the book and although my personal record for a successful REBOOT was 38 days in 2014, I hadn’t seriously considered a REBOOT again until the workshop. We were each given a copy of the REBOOT book along with lists of food, how to read labels, stock your pantry and of course so many amazing recipes. I went and bought everything to kick off on a more REBOOT approach and the book makes it seem so easy if you are prepared for it. Get your copy from Sleekgeek…you won’t be sorry. This is ideal for any person on any meal plan. You really feel inspired to get creative and eat more healthy once you have this book. I had a lot of fun stocking up my spices and yes, I did splurge on items such as almond flour and I bought a few fancy things such as good mixing bowls and a veggie spiraler thing and even an avo slicer (yes these are really not necessary but I think half the creativity is making your meals look fantastic!). I am trying out my first gourmet recipe tonight and I cannot wait to see how it comes out.” 

Your Host:

The workshop will be hosted by Melissa from Living Spot blog who will take you through a variety of discussions and tasks to help you build your understanding of what the 30-day challenge is all about.

Melissa is a REBOOT veteran, having completed 9 versions, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience on this topic. Her blog, Living Spot, has become a great resource for REBOOT-ers, as Melissa shares great recipes that can be used on the challenge as well as loads of helpful content for REBOOTing with your family. 

Space is limited, book your tickets now!

"Falling off the wagon"

What if it was actually an important part of the journey?


Let us show you how to turn failure into the most valuable feedback ever.

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