Win an Ultimate Water Filtration System worth R3 500! (closed)


Drinking enough water is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle – health authorities say we need to drink around 2 litres of water to keep us hydrated. It’s important to keep water with you throughout your day in a water bottle or out the tap. 

Most of us however can’t afford to buy loads of bottled water or would prefer better quality than tap water – that’s where our friends from Ultimate Water come in.

Their Everpure Undersink Water Filtration System polishes water to premium quality so that water is sparkling and free of unwanted tastes and odours. It is installed simply under your sink and can provide up to 11 000 litres of filtered, clean drinking and cooking water.

The filtration system is guaranteed to provide your entire household with water you can trust.

It will cost just R0.23 a litre to provide you with the clean water you need to keep you hydrated through your day.

Everyone Wins! Your Discount Code –

If you’d like to get your own – Ultimate Water has very kindly provided Sleeks with a discount. The filters usually retail for R3 500 but you can get your own for just R2 700 by using the code #ultimatewater. You can contact the team at Ultimate Water via email ( or on their Facebook page (link below).

We’re very happy to have one of these filtration systems installed at HQ and it’s made a world of difference to how much water we drink!

This competition is closed! Thanks all who entered.

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