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I have a quick task for you before we get into this post – do a quick Google search of the phrase “effects of sitting all day” – I’ll wait.

OK – you’re back. Pretty crazy stuff, right? Some of the first posts include headlines like “Sitting All Day Could Be Killing You!”- while it seems extreme, it may not be far off. There are studies to suggest that sitting for extended periods can lead to or increase the chances of obesity, increased blood pressure, excess abdominal body fat & higher levels of cholesterol. This infographic by the Washington Post is an awesome, quick resource to show you some of the effects of sitting on your body and mind, and some things you can do potentially help alleviate them.

Greatist had a chat to renowned professor and rheumatologist (he’s known as America’s back doctor) David Borenstein on the effects of sitting and some great tips to help curb some of these – think yoga for your neck and something called a ‘pelvic lift’!

There is hope! The wonderful folk at DeskStand, a proudly South African company, have developed an awesome way to get people standing more at work, and sitting less. 

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A few weeks ago, they sent me their Jumbo DeskStand  to test out and to challenge me to their 2-Week Standing Work Challenge – basically, I needed to stand for a certain amount of time each day for two working weeks. You can see me setting up the desk here

The Challenge started on day one with a bit of a sore lower back, but that was most definitely due to my body waking up and realising the error of my sitting ways. Over the next 2 weeks, the standing got easier and more fun! I try to stand for an hour or more a day at work post the standing work challenge and can feel the benefits, mostly in my hip flexors and lower back. 

If you’re keen to feel some of these benefits & explore the world of standing more and sitting less – visit DeskStand’s website. Don’t forget – you have your own Sleek 20% discount to use at checkout. Here it is again – SLEEK20.

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