Bontle learns to swim!


We have an awesome Sleekgeek member from KZN Bontle Mtshali who decided that she was going to learn how to swim.

She has inspired me and the community by showing it is never too late to step outside of your comfort zone and learn new things. You can always break into new territory if you are willing to!

Bontle has been keeping the community enthusiastically updated and in the latest installment, LOOK AT HER GO in the video clip on Facebook Below!!!

I asked Bontle about it and she had this to say,

“I always wanted to learn how to swim but never had guts since I had a fear of water. I was also afraid if I shared that with friends they would laugh at me. After I joined SG and saw what other SG members had achieved I was inspired to pursue swimming. In order to do that I decided to put myself out there and see what happened. The amount of support I received was so inspiring and humbling.

I had so many people cheering for me it propelled me give it my all. And after a month and a half I can safely say I won’t be one of the people sitting in the side of the pool at a pool party.

Lastly Sleekgeek is not only about fitness and weight loss – it’s deeper than that. It’s a real community and if you allow it, it will build your character too. #SG4LIFE”

BOOM! Inspire like wildfire!

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