Sleekgeek Saturdays – dominating the parkrun country wide

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I am very excited about the fact that Sleekgeeks around the country are coming together on the weekends to meet one another, get outdoors and do something active as  a group.

Since much of Sleekgeek supports forums are in the virtual world on Facebook and Twitter it is awesome that the monthly dinner and our new enthusiastic regional event teams are bringing Sleekgeek into the real world to that you can meet sleeks, connect and make new friends in the flesh!

The focus has been on the local parkruns because they are easily accessible to everyone. Anyone can take part because many sleekgeek walk so there is no excuse not to participate, even if you havc never walked 5km before. With the support of the Sleeks you WILL! We have already seen numerous Sleeks walk 5km for the first time. On the flipside if you are fit and want to blitz through the 5km and set a best time that is also totally cool. There is something for everyone.

There is also now a healthy rivalry between the regions to see how many Sleekgeeks they can attract at one event for a massive group photo.

Last week SG JOZI achieved 98 on record but claim 100. It was only 2 weeks before that CT was the first region to hit 50. Durban has caught a wake up and the Eastern Cape show some positive signs of getting going.

This could not be possible without the leadership and enthusiasm of some of our community leaders in those regions who have stepped up as volunteers to organise and coordinate people.

Your fearless regional leaders are listed below. Simply click on a region name to join the dedicated event group for your region on Facebook.

  • SG Jozi – Nicci Eaglestone
  • SG CT – Jacques Conradie
  • SG KZN – Paul van Jaarsveld
  • SG East London – Tyran Tesmer
  • SG PTA -Ilse Smidt/Gerrie Opperman
  • SG PE – Kerry Lawson/Chevonne Bishop
  • Other regions – Vacant (Volunteers?)

All of these people uphold the Sleekgeek Code and are have realised the value and reward of inspiring others. These are the essential ingredients required to be a recognised leader in the SG community.

Contact your regional leader if you want to GET INVOLVED!





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