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Antony Raison’s Success Story

There and Back again (a sleekgeek story) by Antony Raison. Age: 34 Height: 187cm Start weight: 107kg Current Weight 100kg Goal:  Loose fat and gain muscle The Problem This journey like most other journeys started..

Sleek deals with JUNIVA.COM

SPECIAL DEAL FOR SLEEKS! Guys, Sleekgeek has teamed up with Juniva – a leading vitamin, sports supplement and weight management e-tailer – to bring you exclusive discounts and awesome deals till the end of 2014. Get this..

Learn to love failure

Sleeks. There is one thing you can certainly count on. You are going to experience failure in your life. It is guaranteed. You will go through tough times. And you know what? That is great. Embrace..

United We Stand THIS WEEKEND

120 teams, each consisting of 6 members (and one judge per box), have been confirmed for the annual United We Stand and will be making its appearance on 31 October – 1 November 2014, in..

Music Monday – Dom’s Gym Playlist

Each week we will be featuring one community member’s gym / workout / running music playlist in order to give you all some inspiration and ideas for your own playlists. This is the fourth instalment featuring what..